Conditions of Use

General Terms

1. Introduction
These General Terms and Conditions is valid for agreements entered into between Brandon AB (“Brandon”), Co. Swedish Registration No. 556447-0390, address PO Box 48030, 418 21 Göteborg, Sweden and a business entity (”the Client”) in connection with the purchase of goods at this website (”the Webshop”)

2. Entering into the agreement
When orders are placed in the Webshop, an agreement shall only be regarded as having been entered into after Brandon has confirmed the Client’s order, via email or by other means. By placing the order, the Client’s representative (the “Representative”) confirms that he/she is an authorized representative of the Client.

3. Delivery time
For orders of goods available in stock, order will be dispatched from Brandon’s warehouse within the next working day (excluding weekends and Swedish public holidays) if the order is placed before 12:00pm Swedish time. Time to delivery will thereafter vary depending on destination
4. Delivery terms, delivery method and freight costs
Unless otherwise specified in an order, the deliver term “DAP” pursuant to Incoterms 2010 shall apply to the delivery.  At the Client’s request, Brandon shall arrange to have the goods delivered by an independent supplier at the Client’s risk and expense. Brandon shall make every possible effort to minimise the freight costs.
5. Additional fees
Any customs duty, local taxes and other additional fees in the country of destination shall be paid by the Client.
6. Prices
Brandon's delivery of the ordered goods shall be charged at the prices specified in Brandon's order confirmation. All specified prices are exclusive of VAT, customs duty, taxes, fees, freight costs etc. Brandon makes reservation for changes in prices, taxes and fees at any given time with regard to purchase price, exchange rate adjustments and changes in taxes.
7. Payment
Payment shall be made towards invoice according to the specified payment terms. Payment shall be made within 60 days after the invoice date, unless otherwise specified.

8. Liability and warranty claims
Warranty claims shall be submitted in writing as soon as the fault is or should have been detected. If no warranty claim is made within two (2) years , the Client’s right to make warranty claims shall expire.

In the event of faulty goods, the Client’s entitlement is limited to receiving either a replacement of the faulty goods, or a price refund proportional to the faulty part of the goods within an appropriate period established by the Client. Brandon shall decide which of these two options shall be applied. The faulty goods shall be returned according to Brandon’s instructions. In the event that any defects cannot be corrected, or if the remedy of any defects cannot otherwise be reasonably expected by Customer, or if an established grace period has expired without correction of any defects, then Customer also shall have the right, at its discretion, to terminate the applicable Order in whole or in part, and to refuse the performance of the applicable service or delivery of the Contract Product, or to undertake remedy of the defects itself or through third parties. Brandon has the right to receive the defected goods back from Client. In that event, Brandon pays all freight costs.

The Client shall have the right to return or exchange goods (with the exception of customized orders) within a maximum of 28 days after the Client received the goods. The goods must be returned in a saleable condition, and their packaging must be intact. In connection with refunds, Brandon always takes the goods’ condition into account. Brandon shall only refund the purchase sum to the Client or exchange the goods after the goods have been received by Brandon. The Client shall be responsible for returning the goods, and shall pay all freight costs.
9. Force majeure
If Brandon is prevented or substantially obstructed from delivering or re-delivering goods due to external labour disputes or other circumstances beyond the parties’ control, such as fire, war, mobilization or unexpected military conscription of equivalent proportions, requisitioning, expropriation, exchange rate restrictions, insurrection, rioting, transport restrictions, goods shortage, fuel shortage and delayed deliveries from subcontractors or producers due to the circumstances mentioned in this Clause, Brandon shall be discharged from all contractual obligations.

A party wishing to claim discharge from contractual obligations under Clause 9 shall notify the other party promptly and without undue delay.
10. Limitation of liability
If Brandon becomes liable for damages. The extent of the limitation of the liability of defected products is regulated in the Frame Agreement between Brandon and the Client.

11. Personal data
Brandon is responsible for the handling of personal data supplied to Brandon by the Client and the Representative. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the Client and the Representative consent to the handling of personal data according to this Clause (Clause 11).

Brandon shall store and process the personal data supplied to Brandon by the Client and the Representative for the purpose of meeting Brandon’s obligations towards the Client according to these General Terms and Conditions.

For additional information about how Brandon is processing personal data, please see our Privacy Policy
12. Printing errors
Brandon makes reservation for printing errors, incorrect information and inaccurate product specifications. All pictures are only intended to be illustrative, and need not necessarily depict the product’s exact appearance and characteristics.